TCB – update activity 2024

Link ticket “Il muro trasparente”:

Bellinzona Ladies Open – 2024 fundraising project

Dear, We renew our best wishes for 2024. In order to support our 4th edition of the Bellinzona Ladies Open we have launched a fundraising project which you can find on the link: /it/project/2159/bellinzona-ladies-open These funds will be used to provide a small financial reimbursement to the many volunteers, who have been working for…

Ordinary General Meeting 2023 on January 26, 2024

Hello everyone on January 26, 2024 at 18:45 the 2023 ordinary general meeting will take place at the Auditorium della Banca Stato di Bellinzona in via Henri Guisan 5. Below you will find the invitation letter and the minutes of the 2022 shareholders' meeting. Ordinary General Meeting Invitation 2023 Minutes of ordinary general meeting 2022