RED PLUS – red earth surface

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Newsletter November 2014

  • Lancia palle



  • Real reinforced red earth field!
  • Usable 12 months a year!
  • Unbeatable value for money!
  • Guaranteed area for 10 years with only half a day of annual cutting!
  • Particularly low maintenance compared to traditional red earth fields!
  • Patented and ITF Catalogued!
  • It can be installed on any existing surface: cement, mateco, earth, resin, etc.
  • Savings on background preparation costs for new constructions
  • Does not need to be stopped after construction
  • Not afraid of wind (windproof land)
  • He’s not afraid of frost
  • Very high water drainage
  • Minimum red earth reload for maintenance
  • No holes are formed
  • Maintains its features and softness of play over time
  • Slipped in the same way as traditional clay courts

ITF (International Tennis Federation) Certificatonsi:
Cataloged “Slow 1” exactly like a traditional red clay field, but with certified “Two Stars” certification of excellence!

International map of RED PLUS fields