The Tennis Club Bellinzona was born on June 9, 1987 from the merger of the Tennis Club Colombaia and the Tennis Club Palestra, the two city clubs that since 1985 shared the spaces of the Municipal Tennis Center in via Brunari which, with its 8 courts, is one of the largest in the Canton ticino.
It should be emphasized that the merger of the two companies was not easy to achieve since each of them had a marked historical past behind it.

The construction of the new municipal tennis center, conceived by the architect Galfetti and immediately became a destination for the various schools of architecture, was an excellent opportunity to realize this important step.

Club executives have always been, led subsequently by presidents Mauro Rezzonico (1987-1989), Stefano Zanetti (1990-1991), Giorgio Balestra (1992-1997) and Mario Pianezzi (since 1998), Brunetti Stefano (since December 2013) have devoted their attention to the complex management of the center's infrastructure, social activities, competitive ones and above all to the youth movement.

In the latter field, since the formation of the company, the organization for example of the beginner course, which for decades has attracted more than 150 young people from the region to our fields on Wednesday afternoons, courses for summer and winter advanced (From September to June) and the summer training camp.
The great enthusiasm of the club's masters Franco Aroldi (1987-1989), Barbara Neuroni (1990-1992), Athos Keller, (2003-2004), Giuliano Acierno, (2005-2008), Marco Bernasconi (1993-2004 and from 2009 onwards), Fabio Zotti (2009-2014) and Marco Balconi (from 1991 onwards) have achieved numerous successes, both individually and in the team youth league, such as swiss titles in 1994 (cat. A feminine), 1999 (cat. Men's B) and 2000 (cat. C women) and a dozen cantonal titles that have often allowed us to be the most represented club in the national finals.

There have also been numerous successes in the Swiss interclub championship, with in particular the 5 prestigious national titles won by the first women's team, led by Marina Grassi Gemetti, in 1997, 1998 and 2000, 2008 and lastly the one won on June 28, 2014 in the senior category. Other teams have had the honour for years to defend our colors nationally and to win numerous cantonal category titles. In 1992 the TCB with Franco Gervasoni and Massimo Santoro won the Ticino Cup

On an individual level, some players have managed to enter the national rankings. We remember among the top 150 Swiss players Davide Bodero, Silvia Zanni, Marco Balconi, Franco Gervasoni, Mattia Casarotti and Branko Mladjan and the exceptional feat of Nina Buffi who reached the top ranking of N2. Of particular importance are two medals won by our exponents at the Swiss Junior Championships: that of Massimo Santoro in the first category doubles in 1991 and that of Mattia Casarotti in the second category singles in 1995.

The TCB has also had a great tradition at cantonal level in the organization of quality tournaments that are regularly appreciated by the many participants who return there every year (at the time they were the Carmine Cup at the beginning of the season, the main tournament in June, the different tournaments in all age categories during the summer and the Spaggiari tournament in September).Currently the Pianezzi tournament at the end of April, the SWICA R1-R4 tournament at the end of June and the Africa tournament at the end of September.

One of the most significant episodes in the history of TCB is the memorable organization, in the summer of 1993, of the Swiss junior championships that allowed us to have on our fields numerous young people who have been able to conquer international fame such as Patty Schnyder, Ivo Heuberger, George Bastl and the current champion Roger Federer, then 12-year-old winner of the national fourth category title.

The TCB has 8 state-of-the-box red clay tennis courts such as Red Plus.
In 2008 the club realized the long-awaited project of covering 4 playing fields, covered by 2 pressstatic balls, which thus allow it to practice tennis activity on the same surface throughout the year.

The club is currently headed by president Stefano Brunetti who can count on an excellent committee.

The TCB now has 11 interclub teams playing in different national and regional categories.

In the future intentions of the club, in close collaboration with the municipal authority, there is a further improvement of the infrastructure (changing rooms and driveways) and a general relaunch of the company's activities.

The priority objectives of the new Committee are:
– involve more young people in the committee
– professionalize tennis training more
– make a major effort on the activity of the youth movement
– take more account of the expectations and needs of club members

The following objectives have been defined for the tennis school:
– actively support the psycho-physical development of children, involving them in an active and targeted way;
– to guarantee all of them valuable tennis training;
– to monitor technical progress in a structured manner and to provide opportunities for progress;
– organize intensive courses, sports clubs, interclub teams or cantonal tournaments;
– to create a competitive group which guarantees specific technical and physical training for those who are most gifted and intend to progress.


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