Pressure balloons

OCTOBER 25, 2008 – historic date for the club with coverage of 4 fields for the winter season with 2 nearstatic balloons!

What does die-static mean?
It has no rigid carrier structure. The support and stabilization of the cover membrane are obtained thanks to the physical principle of overpressure created in the internal environment.
They can be made in both simple and double membrane; in the second case, a high energy saving is obtained due to insulation (thermal insulation) which results.

Some technical information about the balloon:

  • made of double membrane
  • material having a 100% Trevira high toughness polyester fabric
  • covered by both parts with fire-retardant polyvinyl chloride (PVC) under ministerial standards class 2
  • stabilized to UV rays
  • width 36 meters
  • length 36 meters
  • covered area 1,296 m2
  • membrane thickness 5 mm
  • total thickness 75/100 mm (including air)
  • total weight 900/950 g/m2 -> 1’166.4/1’231.2 Kg
  • maximum height 10 meters and 50 cm (center)
  • direct internal light
  • 20 lamps (asymmetric disano type) of 400 W
  • internal temperature of about 16 degrees
  • assembly 3/4 days
  • swells in ca. 30 minutes

Thanks also to the Italian company Teloni Poletti, supplier of the