TCB Press Release


Dear friends and friends,
With great pleasure we inform you of the official resumption of all tennis activities, including the tennis school, from 11 May onwards. Obviously it is useless to point out that, given the particular situation, to all of you very clear, it will be necessary to adopt special behaviors, which will be communicated to you in detail in the coming days (Covid-19 protection regulation). It is basically a question of applying the rules of conduct, which we have now learned by heart, and respecting certain particular behaviors related to tennis activity.
We are counting on the sense of responsibility of each of you with the aim of achieving two objectives: to guarantee public health and at the same time recharge the batteries, after this long break characterized by many waivers.
From tomorrow morning the reservation board will be reopened. Until June, in order to guarantee the game and above all the conduct of tennis lessons with all time, we decided to leave the pressure balloons guaranteeing the same price to the external courts and for the members included in the subscription.
It is not allowed to play without reservation (tracking) and the game will only be allowed for the singles. Doubles will only be allowed if the pairs consist of players from the same household.
We also remind you that to book you must have a login and for members and licenses you must follow the procedure according to the indications.
See you soon and cordial greetings
The Committee

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